14 April, 2008

The Doctor's Visit

Went to the doc - gained 5 lbs since Oct. I cried - I know it's stupid and I know muscle weighs more than fat - but this is why I don't own scales. Then the Nurse Practitioner comes in and talks to me. We review the "numbers" and one was really close to last year - another went down. I cried again - I'm so dumb!

Anyway…then Doctor H comes in. He's looking at stuff and is reading a note about my cycling at least an hour 5 times a week. He say that he is very happy with where I am. I am holding stable (whatever!) and my numbers are in the good category. I should be able to do any kind of exercise that I want and not feel like my breathing should hold me back. We talked about cold air exercise and he said that it will always be difficult for asthmatics, but to use my fast-acting inhaler 20 minutes before, spend 15 -20 minutes acclimating and then begin my warm ups.

I didn't expect to see any huge difference in my numbers. I am a realist at heart. I just didn't expect them to go down. I may never get more capacity - let's face it - I smoked for 35 years.

So, now to plan on my next goals. There's a couple of races this weekend. I know I'm no where near ready, but still toying with the idea. What the hell. I'm not going to find out how bad I really am if I don't get out there and do it, right? The worst I can do is fall and really hurt myself.

I need to continue with my steady progress. There's a 5K at the Zoo coming in May. I should go and see what else is out there. Anyone interested in running with me? :-)


maggie's mind said...

All the changes you have made since quitting smoking are a very good thing, and if you are enjoying it, too, then that's even better!

Sherri said...

Maggie, it's so good to hear from you. We've both made some very good changes. I am definitely having fun. I'm alive and kicking! I'm riding and gonna start running again I think. I'm just impatient.

Mz Diva said...

Even though I don't always post I really am inspired by the fact that you have become an exerciser/athlete since you quit smoking! I am really impressed! I am working a lot so I am not exactly a couch potato but definetly not an exerciser yet! Its kind of like quitting smoking....one step at a time and soon enough the motivation kicks in. Keep posting your progress!

Sherri said...

Diva, thanks for posting. Days and weeks go by with no comments and then I wonder if my posting is of value to anyone besides me. I'm glad I can be of some help to you and hopefully others. You are doing great, too!

lady clay said...

Hey - I'm a first time reader and friend of cycledork's. I'm also asthmatic and have had problems with cold-weather exercise. One thing that really helps me is covering my mouth and nose when the temperature gets below about 40 degrees. It adds some warmth and moisture to the air going into my lungs and really helps. I don't know if you've tried it already, but I thought I'd offer it up. And stay strong - the numbers matter, but they aren't as important as you taking control of your health.

Sherri said...

Lady Clay, what I've discovered with cold weather is that I need to acclimate to the temps. Spend 15 minutes in the environment before beginning to exercise and also puffing on my fast-acting inhaler 20 minutes in advance of exercise. I still have issues once we get into the lower 30s, but I'm working on it. Thanks for posting!