04 April, 2008

April showers bring mud

But the sun is finally going to shine for a few days. I am looking forward to these next few days. There's a nice group ride Saturday morning at 9 on the Waterfront. Hope there's no road closings between me and the start. The morning is starting out at 43F, so will be a bit on the chilly side

One of the girls I work with that has done both Skirt rides told me that several of the girls are doing the Sunday ride at 2 at Heine Bros. There are two options, but I plan on the longer. Sunday is supposed to be sunny and 70F. What more could I ask for?

Monday is going to be my "off night". We are holding a major "send off" for a very special person that I've worked for for a long time. There will be very few dry cheeks.

It's still too dark to consider attempting a commute in the morning unless I put lights on my bike. I should look into that I think.

I've had some cigarette thoughts over the last week. Hubby has his in the office in the basement. I don't like these thoughts. My BFF has said a few things about wanting to smoke recently, too. I can't do it. Besides, my appointment with the pulmonary guy is a week from Monday. We're doing another breathing test. I hope I've made some headway since last April. I'll also find out how much I weigh. It's been since October. I know it's not 135, which I would love! But will be good to finally find out.

Mud is everywhere, but so are the flowers, daffodils and fruit trees in bloom. The grass is surreal green. Everything is coming alive and I am feeling great and soaking it all in.

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