19 June, 2015

Mini vacaypart 2

Best evening I've had in a long time. Got to hang out with a friend before the show. Surprised me at my van. That was great. Seeing The Rolling Stones boogie and rock agelessly was outstanding. Plenty of dancing, singing along and it was a very warm night. They didn't start until after 9:30. It was after 11:30 when they ended. That's Central time, going home you lose an hour. (I didn't go home but a friend had to drive home to Louisville). 

It was about an hour before getting on the interstate and head to the campground. It was 1:30 before I laid my head down. (that's 2:30 body clock) My body is all out of whack. haha Cages Bend Campground is very nice and I will go back.

Of course I slept in a bit, until the dogs started barking and the sun was hitting my face. Went to Starbucks for oatmeal, took my time. No need to be in a hurry. All things happen as they will. Drove to Chattanooga. Went to Raccoon Mountain and rode. It was 3:30 or after before I arrived, changed and starting to ride. Not the best ride. So happy I found the lidocaine before leaving home. Flareups be damned! ha, yeah right. That's ok. Ride everyday and get that fitness on the upswing, right? I love riding here. I so wish I had the fitness to really enjoy it.

Switch Yard from the trail

Switch Yard from the road

So fun! Much of the Raccoon trails remind me of O'Bannon Woods with rock, etc. But Raccoon has lots of sand too.

After riding and having a snack I googled weather and campgrounds for Knoxville and Pisgah. By the time I got down from Raccoon I was getting very hungry. Flying Squirrel I thought and it was 5 minutes from myt current location. As I walked to Squirrel I stopped in to say Hi at The Crash Pad.  They had one bunk left and it's on first floor and bottom bunk, SCORE!

I can't believe I'm still awake, except my clothes are in the dryer. A few more hours and I'll wrap up this 57th year of life outside the womb. Looking forward to this next revolution and see what it has in store. 

Forever grateful for each experience, wonderful and painful both. 

peace and love 

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