17 June, 2015

Mini vacay part 1

Tuesday plan was to leave from work. Life happens and plans alter. Had an appt with lung Dr. It went well. The PA didn't seem pleased when I told her I use my long lasting inhaler "as needed" and the Dr had said I could. Dr came in and asked how I'm doing to which I replied just fine. "Any issues" no, not really. Maintaining. To which he says, "see ya next year, do you want any samples?" Of course I'll take samples, that stuff is outrageously expensive. 

A friend lost her Mom to Alz this week, visitation was yesterday and burial today. She is a dear and I couldn't leave town without paying respects. She has been very thoughtful with me and my Mom situation. 

Loaded the car and grabbed a quick dinner at El Taco Luchador then hit the road. It was 7:30 ish. Ran through rain in Hardin county, looked fierce but other than a heavy downpour wasn't bad at all. Pulled into camp around 11, 10 here in TN and missed the checkin. Setup camp for evening, drank a cider and went to sleep. Rested well, the sun woke me about 6 and got up at 7. Checkin was closed still so I headed to Starbucks for oatmeal and points East to ride. 

Brian and I had talked about several places we'd like to ride over the last couple of years. Defeated Creek was one and was about an hour drive from Cages Bend campground. The information on Trailfu was limited at best. I arrived and found the trailhead right outside the campground there. A gentleman was walking back to his truck and we chatted briefly. He said if you climb all the way to the ridge there are some pretty difficult places on the way back down. Good!

I took my time. No need to be in a hurry and have many more days to ride ahead. There were a couple of fairly steep washed out climbs that I walked. The temp and humidity was climbing. It doesn't look like many are riding this trail. The lower parts are better traveled than the top, Grizzly. Grass was heavy and tall in places. I found plenty of spider webs that wind up around my neck and in my face. Sticks and limbs were down everywhere and I kept thinking I should've bought a spare dérailleur hanger to keep handy for the Trance. I'm fairly sure I rode everything legal for bike and got 8 miles and 863 ft climbing. The ride back down was fun and I made all the switchbacks. There were a few places with rock drops, but they were tame and a few steep swooping drops that dropped in dry creek beds and climbed back out with no effort if you descended with good speed. 

Went to the campground looking for a camp store to buy a Popsicle. There wasn't a camp store! So I rode to the Marina and found a cold Yeungling instead. haha

Sitting here back at Cages Bend after a nice shower and lunch. Maybe I'll take a nap. I'm heading to Nashville before long to see The Rolling Stones. Another first. Not sure how it will be in LP field. But I'll take it all in stride. 

Hope everyone at Short track has a great time tonight, hate missing it but can't be in two places at same time. #priorities 


ps no place for my hammock, hope there is at my next resting place. 

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