04 June, 2015

Louisville Short Track MTB race #2

Different course this week. There was only one log, small in diameter to clear just before a left hand turn, no big deal. The course stayed inside the wooded area and incorporated a jump that was rollable, though I wish I had the skilz to jump because rolling it wasn't fun or fast.

I rode to the course from home on my Scalpel with flat pedals. The temps were great, high 60s. Lots of familiar faces were there and a couple of new ones on the Women's C start line! I rode to the venue 1) because it seems silly to drive 2) thought it would give me a good warm-up before racing, next time add a couple of miles I think.

I pre-rode the course about 3 laps. The one thing I didn't like about the course was the hill. They put in this steep climb of about 30 feet. I made it up about 3/5 of the way during warm-up. First lap in the race I slid out and everyone passed me. Climbing that in my 5/10s was a big challenge. They have fairly slick soles, thus no traction. Maybe I should put my clip-less pedals and shoes in my bag for next week. nah I am not making excuses. I should be able to ride that climb unless it's full of others walking it. Several of the juniors passed me and some of them are very small. Not to worry, no damage to my ego there. Two of them got tangled and one smashed into a tree. They got their bikes apart by the time I got to them. The one was crying a bit and I said jump on your bike and ride, you are going to be fine! He did and I think he was just fine.

Again, I must say how nice it is to have people cheering for you. It is a huge boost even if there's no way to do better than last. I am humbled when I hear my name. People I did not think would ever cheer for me did. Still wondering about that.

Watching the rest of the races and cheering for everyone is the very best part of the evenin' for me. That and talking to folks. It's always fun to run from place to place on the course and snap photos or take some video. I did grab some video at the jump and caught a few catching air.

A friend and I chatted briefly. She said how good it was to see me making a comeback to racing. hmmm  Not so sure this is what I would call a comeback. I have no fitness. I may never have any chance of being competitive again. But I love the atmosphere and hope to make some Cyclocross races this fall. 

Women's A/B race start:

Men's A Race start:


I will try to post a vid and/or photo later tonight to this blog entry.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Springtime.
peace and love

p.s. the autoimmune stuff just stinks, flareups keep happening out of the blue. One started Monday evening and was no fun for last night's race. Good news: asthma and allergies seem to be better for now. :-)

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Allison said...

Well yay for you for getting out there. Our fitness levels have pretty much tanked over the last couple of months. We rode a really hard trail segment yesterday at 6,100 feet elevation which was not helping things. I admire people who race at any level. So good on ya!