20 January, 2015

more rambling thoughts

We moved Mom recently to a personal care facility. She was evaluated by the owner in advance and didn't seem to be any issues. Thirty six hours after she was there the owner started calling, saying we needed to medicate her. This has been a theme almost daily now for 2 weeks. We are visiting a new place Thursday. One that is supposed to be better equipped to handle clients with dementia. Last night I cried for the first time in years. I questioned if what we've done is the right thing. But I know we are doing what we believe to be in Mom's best interest. She needs to be safe. I have thought about moving her in with me and having full time caretakers brought in, but I don't know it that is cost effective or feasible given my house. Then I start to feel guilty for not wanting to give up my personal time after work hours. I don't know. I'll do what is necessary at the end of the day. Family and friends come first. 

we've had a few glorious days of sunshine and warmer temps. I've tried to take advantage best I could.  I hope everyone else has too.

peace to all of you

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