01 January, 2015

New Year's Day 2015

Not sure where to begin or what to say. '14 started out with so much hope and fun and travel and friendship and building new friendships. then it changed. and it wasn't so fun and friendships waned. This is life. I am grateful for all the experiences and lessons. Someday I may understand most of it, or not.

Today I rode my MTB for the first time in forever it seems. Dec. 14th to be exact. But it's been so sporadic before that. Today felt so good. Started out very cold and it was after noon, about 12:15. The trail was good except for a notorious place that was just wet with drainage. Another spot had some freeze/thaw, but most of the trail is protected with good leaf cover and shade and was good. I was slow. But I wasn't worried about that. The sun shone so brightly. It felt good on my face. I wonder how much vitamin D production takes place when only the cheeks are exposed.  :-)

Tomorrow we move Mom to a new place.  She doesn't know yet. I have tried to not think much about it and divert my thoughts as much as possible. Wonder if I'll sleep tonight. It will be what it will be. She will be in a safer place, with more personal care. I have thought about having her live with me, but I'm not home enough with work (not to mention bike riding and other activities). Life is complicated.  

Sending my best of vibes and wishes to all for a happy, healthy, loving, peaceful and memorable 2015.

peace to all


Allison said...

I do hope this is a good year for you and yours. Placing the parents is just the pits and there are no good answers.

Sherri said...

Thank you Allison. May 2015 be a wonderful year for you and yours filled with happiness, peace and good health.