13 January, 2015

Aging parents

We've moved Mom from "independent" living to a personal care home. It's been quite stressful for her getting used to a new place. It's also been difficult downsizing from a one bedroom apartment to a bedroom. She had a UTI just before Christmas, but thankfully that has cleared.

Last week she complained of stomach pain and I took her to urgent care. She had chest congestion and Dr said a touch  of diverticulitis so gaveher two   antibiotics. She had a follow up today with her pcp. She keeps dozing off. Has terrible cough deep in chest. Dr did x-ray then ordered CT scan as she suspects pneumonia. 

Any infection in older people can cause odd behavior and if already suffering from dementia that can be increased. 

She was given 16 oz of fluid to drink. I assume was for contrast. Well that was a long and drawn out ordeal. Thirty plus minutes of begging and cajoling her to keep drinking it. I finally asked one of the staff to come and talk to her. 

I realized that Mom doesn't understand/know about motion activated appliances such as water spigots and paper towel dispensers. The changes that we experience and take for granted everyday can be huge puzzles for our older generations 

I'm never sure what decade she is living in. However I believe most of the time it's before the 90s. 

Sitting here waiting for Dr to call with CT results. May need to admit her at hospital may not. It's a waiting game. 

Says not pneumonia and no admittance tonight. Yay  


Allison said...

Hope your Mom does better. This is difficult for everyone. Hang in there.

Sherri said...

Thanks Allison, me too. I'm grateful I can be here and do what I can. Family and friends first.