02 January, 2015

She's moved

What a surreal day it's been. My Sis and I arrived about the same time. Mom had gotten up late and was still getting dressed for the day. I asked her to sit down and explained what was going to happen. She immediately said she wasn't going. Then I said the Forum told us she couldn't stay any longer. After a few seconds she relaxed a bit and said "it will be what it will be". Of course we had that conversation several times today.

I got her to the new home just in time for dinner (lunch, Mom calls that dinner). She immediately sat down and enjoyed the other's company at the table. The owner said it might be best if I leave, so I left to go back and help my Sis with readying things for the movers. Good thing I did. There was lots to be done even though we were only going to move a small percentage of her belongings. The movers called before I got there and said they finished the first move early. My Sis said she was not ready and wouldn't be until 2. Good thing, because that was right when we had things ready. 

Much more I could write, but I'm weary and overwhelmed with today's and yesterday's events. Maybe tomorrow. But Sunday I go back to her old place to do some laundry and meet any of her grandkids that want to come and look to see ifthere is any of her remaining things they would like. Then I will pack up what I will take and I guess we will call a charity to come take the rest. The longer it stays there the more rent we have to pay. So much money. It's expensive to get old and feeble. Makes me not want to.

End of the day Love will always be the answer. I'm finding solace in some poetry and fresh air.

peace and love to all of you


Allison said...

You're a good person and a good daughter. Taking care of a parent can be exhausting. Stout heart to you and yours.

Lori said...

I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. These decisions are so difficult to make. Just know that you are doing the best you can for your mom. Hugs...