11 January, 2015


not a resolution, but need to drop weight as i am obese at this point according to the authorities on that subject and the fact my clothes are too damned tight and too vain to spend $ on bigger sizes.so I am running the dreadmill at the gym at work because I can't run outside in these frigid temps and get asthma except i ran at the gym and got asthma so there's that.  on top of that it seems i never learned to relate properly to others and so i've been unfriended blocked shunned on every social media site there is etc however i've been told it's not a conspiracy but i beg to differ on that point  i want what i cannot have  why do i keep wanting it  must be a character defect is all i can say  went to mom's appt today from 10 - 5:30  and packed and moved more of her stuff Please people purge your stuff so your kids  or whoever won't have to deal with it  Yeah that's a pipedream  I have lots of those. seriously i don't want to go back to her old place again  i'm over it  i'm mentally and emotionally exhausted  so many things and memories and this is the third time we've done this  it doesn't get easier  just sayin'  so now i have some of her things here  and that's cool for now
i talk too much and I say what's on my mind and people get nervous or think i've cornering them but that is not what i intend and so the people i most care about i wind up alienating and there you go
blah blah blah
peace out dudes


Anonymous said...

I say don't be shunned; do the shunning! That's where the power is!

Sherri said...

This is not what I do. I can not shun another. I know how that feels and wish it on no one. All things come full circle. It's a new day and plenty to accomplish.