14 January, 2015

Back to our not so regular topics

First, my Sis went to Mom's today and she was much better with no rasping/wheezing from her chest. No hospital yesssss! 

Didn't workout yesterday so I got on the trainer this morning for a 30 minute kickstart. Had big intentions of a 30-40 minute run after work on the treadmill. I got there before my favorite one was taken and I changed to TV to food network (last two times was Fox News and my BP went sky high) Yay me! Well I got in 30 minutes but it was walking due to another asthma attack. 

I need to start recording when I take my long lasting inhaler. I've not been taking it very often. Maybe 3 times a week. Today and a couple of run attempts ago I warm up and run for 5 minutes then the hr goes sky high along with the breaking rate and get into distress. I hoped I could wean myself off but with life stresses I believe that's a pipedream.  I'm also trying to be frugal. Since insurance has changed so much I have to pay full price for prescriptions until my $1,500 deductible is met. Long lasting inhalers run $300 a month and a 3 month minimum through mail order.  (that's for twice a day dosage) so....

Maybe I'll have to bite the bullett and do it. I need to drop major pounds and I know running will do that. I want to enjoy running. Not sure that is a realistic goal. 

I'm so ready to ride dirt again. I can't travel to do it until the van is fixed and that's end of month. There's a trail day at OBW on Sunday. I will probably go there and work. Can't get the bike on the rental car so there's that. 
If you know of any new Enduro races please let me know!!!

Enough of my rambling about me.

I have many friends who have lost loved ones recently and there are more with parents that are deteriorating too quickly. Please send loving vibes for them. 

peace and love

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