01 February, 2015

Another move, hopefully the last

Last week the former place required we have someone sit with Mom from 2:30-5 each day stating her sundowners was most prevalent at that time. My siblings and I took turns up until Friday when we moved her to the Memory care home. She never displayed any signs of sundowners that we could tell. Now she can walk all day if she wants. They have lots of activities and movies. The residents seem alert and lively even with their memory issues and dementia. She seems to be content here. I hope this remains so. 

Hoping this is the last move for her. These moves aren't so easy on her but also take a toll on us, taking time off work and securing movers and continued downsizing her belongings We will have to watch her funds closely though. None of these homes are inexpensive. We are fortunate that she has the income she does. I won't have that kind of income upon my retirement, this I know and I can't think too much about it. 

Family first. I love my Mom dearly. 

Training has finally begun, somewhat. One of the reasons I've started running is to drop weight. Another is I want to remain and continue to be healthy. I know that exercise and good eating are important for a longer healthier life. It's also important to keep the brain healthy as well. I do however realize the future is unknown and much is out of my control so I just go with it. 

This running is hard for me as I've not really run since high school. I did the couch to 5k in 2008 after quitting smoking. That was hard but I did it with a friend. I've preferred riding my bikes since then. Now that mom is settled and I have my van back (another long story) I hope to get back on the bike more consistently. However, yesterday I signed up for the mini-marathon which is in late April so will work to keep improving distance on the run. Surely this will help me with endurance on the bike and drop some weight so climbing those hills on the MTB  isn't quite so bad as it is now.  I ran the treadmill at work today. I've been doing a run 1 minute/walk 1 minute routine. Today I did 5.25 miles in an hour. Funny how I talk to myself while running. Deciding not to decide my total workout time until I'm into it. Telling myself how easy it is to keep the different paces on the treadmill, but that it will be harder outdoors.  My asthma meds got here week before last and using them has definitely helped my breathing while running. I hope to try to get outdoors soon, but cold air is especially difficult.

I realize most people already have their races picked out and a schedule made. Most years I have too by now, but this year has had so many questions I haven't. Grandchild number one is due next month. I'm excited and anxious. Should be a wonderful and joyful addition to our small family though.

Lots of changes over the last months to be sure and life continues to change and evolve as it does. Many of these make me sad, but tomorrow is a new day with it's own challenges and blessings to experience. 

Hope everyone's January was good and all the best for a fabulous February!


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Allison said...

I applaud your commitment to running. I would rather be boiled in oil than run. Your Mom's new place sounds good, here's hoping she stays put.