12 February, 2015

Trying to get consistent

with training but always obstacles. The Creative likes to make life zig and zag that way. I have a friend that is a sports massage therapist. He's been a fitness nut for a long time and loves to cycle, run and race triathlons. I've been seeing him for a while now, since before I started to run for sports massage. After I ran/walked 4 miles on Saturday my left foot started really hurting. I took Sunday off and had a massage session with him. Then ran the treadmill after work on Monday, taking his advice and running more (4 minutes) and walking less (1 minute). It seemed to go fine. Then Tuesday morning I couldn't put any weight on my left foot.OWIE text messages and asking friends for advice had me looking for and finally finding a golf ball to do some intense rolling out of the ball of my foot. I rode the trainer for a good effort of 1x intervals. Wednesday I got home and went for a run in the 'hood. Man, the foot still was killing me. I pushed through for 1.3 miles around a few blocks and just couldn't take it. More rolling and ice. Today he met me after work and watched me run, looked at the shoes I had and said I am wearing the wrong shoe. I am flat footed and pronate badly. "crushing what semblance of arches I have". I'm grateful he took time out to come and coach me about this issue. Tomorrow after work will be new shoes. Then the week ahead will help me determine if I should sign up for the triple crown to aid my training for the mini. 

Will just have to be patient and see how life unfolds. I've spent too much time thinking things like the universe doesn't want me to run/ride/get fit, blah blah blah. Spending time with now. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow isn't here. Hope the shoes help alleviate the foot issue and knee and hip pain. Maybe I am too old to start this stuff, WHATEVAH! 

My motto: easy is forgettable, if it's hard to do then you will remember it. I remember plenty of hard things and am so grateful for them. 

If you aren't exercising please start. Being sedentary is detrimental to your health and mental well being.

love to all

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