21 February, 2011

There should be a 3 day weekend once a month

The stupid cold/flu is slowly fading away. I am looking and looking for houses. Viewed 5 last week but none tickled my fancy.

Friday afternoon was so beautiful I decided to head out on the trails for a ride after word. Daylight is hanging until 6:30 or so which makes it very nice. I saw many cyclists in the park! Rode cyclists, junior racers, other racers and casual riders along with various tri-athletes and quite a few mtn bikers were on the trails too. I rode about an hour fifteen and had a blast! I felt more comfortable and steady on the trails than ever before. I wasn't riding the brakes on the downhills and even though pedaling uphill is still work I started to find a flow. Made my way over to Wilderness and back. Wish I could remember how to do the part that leads you behind the golf course. Guess I need to find someone experienced to show me the way again. Friday night I walked up Bardstown Rd and took myself to dinner. Walking home was the most beautiful full moon in the sky. I saw numerous couples walking along, hand in hand laughing and having best of times. It was nice.

Saturday I met a couple of friends and we rode the Blue Dog ride. It meets at the Blue Dog bakery on Frankfort and goes across the bridge to Southern Indiana, west to New Albany and further west then north on Budd Rd and up Blunk Knob. Ahhhh, Blunk Knob. The climb starts about mile 21, though we've already had a short steep climb to warm us up. I need to get back and ride it again. It kicked my fat winter arse!!! One of the friends on the ride is a mtn biker and this was his first road ride and on a loaner bike. By mile 35 we were all toast, so we stopped for some java and snacks. I had hot chocolate and blueberry pie. This made the last 13 miles a bit easier to take. Though I was so tired by the time I got to Broadway, I was talking myself into pedaling each 100 yards it seemed. Then I remembered to smile. Difficult things aren't so difficult if you can put a smile on your face while you're doing them. I'm fairly sure my two friends had a good time. I hope to do another long ride this weekend.

Sunday was iffy. I had asked several people the best way to ride to Waverly. I either got no answer or something like, "there's lots of ways to get there". WTF! The ones I asked do this all the time. Is it some club secret or something? Finally I got hold of a friend and he said he was riding out there with another mtn biker or two. I was thrilled! Then started worrying. There was no way I could keep up with those guys on my mtn bike on pavement. One was riding a 29er and the other has been riding over 10 years. I got out my CX bike and put slicks on it. It still took everything I had to not get totally dropped in Iroquois. (I screamed and cussed at them at one point when they were 400 yards away, which maybe is why I caught up to them). We got to Waverly and they hit the trail head at the entrance. I climbed the hill and my legs reminded me of Saturday's ride. My quads and hips were not happy, but being on the CX bike helped and I just took my time and spun all the way over and to the parking lot. It's a beautiful park, from what I could see. I really want to get back out there and ride the trails. A couple of people have told me it's real hilly and hard. But I thought Mountain Biking was all about hills and tough trails. duh  ha ha 

Today was a trip to the LBS, getting a couple bikes checked out. Test rode a CX bike, the Home-wrecker 5000, but it was too big for me. I like the bike quite a lot and might have been able to do something about the length from saddle to handlebars. But the standover height was just too precarious. So I need to find someone with a smaller version to test ride. I also ran errands, did laundry, a little shopping and got in a short, easy trail ride and 30 minute brisk walk. All done before the rains came. 

I didn't do everything I'd hoped. (never do) Thought there might be a dinner date somewhere over the weekend, but the call never came. Not really a big deal I've decided. I've gotten to spend time, riding and catching up with some good friends this weekend and that makes me happy. It's going to be too long to wait until end of May for anther 3-day weekend!  Hmm, when to schedule the most opportune next day off? 

Mother Nature was very kind to us here in da Ville this weekend. I hope all of you were so lucky and got out and enjoyed being in nature and spent time with friends. 

I have some friends going through tough times right now. Some are fighting tough battles and other have family doing the same. Sending healing vibrations and much love to you and yours.


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AM said...

Mmmmmmmmm pie. I love pie. The only time I can justify the calories is at the end of a hard ride. Hope you're on the mend from the cold you've had. I hate being sick!