16 February, 2011

Funny how it goes

Started the day with a smile breaking through so many tears. Releasing something can be sad and freeing, lightening and joyous. 

Long day at work and another where I didn't get the things I planned due to other things popping up. Still not sure I'm caught up from missing Thursday and Friday. 

Physically I'm about 85%. But the temps were in high 60s so I called a friend and we rode through the parks for about and hour 15 for around 20 miles. Good times. There were loads of people in the parks. And cyclists everywhere. All had huge smiles on their faces. Love days like today

Then I met two friends for dinner. We've been "trying" to do this since October and finally met tonight at Cafe Mimosa. My belly is still full of sushi. Good times and catching up and laughs and hugs. 

I'm wiped, in a good kinda way. Ending the day with a smile and so far no tears. Hope you got out and enjoyed the weather. Who knows how long it'll last. But it is February so can't be long enough. :)


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