12 February, 2011

it's almost Yad Senitnelav

and I hope everyone that is in a loving relationship remembers that each day should be special and full of love, caring, understanding and tenderness. 

I've been under the weather with this cruddy virus/cold. I've slept tons, drank gallons of water and herbal teas, taken minerals and vitamins and eaten citrus.

I've had lots of time for introspection, contemplation, realization, tried some rationalization and justification (didn't work on me). I am still me on the inside and I forget until the mirror reminds me that I am so much older than I live. My head thinks I'm a lot younger than I am.

I have worried because I've missed work and haven't ridden since Tuesday. The weather has turned warmer and had planned to ride 3+ hours today with more like 4 or more tomorrow. Not gonna happen. Then I worry about not being ready for death march. It's all gonna be fine. I just need to get well and then get the miles in. Shoulder has been good. Back to weight training tomorrow I think.

I am house hunting. Looked at one today. I really like it. So now I'm wanting to make an offer. So scary yet exciting. decisions, decisions  I've been through scary though.  This isn't all that scary.

I wonder about being alone. Whether there'll be someone to share things with again. But for now I'm just going to do my thing and hope I keep my eyes and my heart open.  Some day...

I'm going to train, to try find good people to ride with, race, work, and soon buy furniture



Sherri said...

you are a wise woman, Judi. thanks for the compliment. You and Dom have a fabulous time at Rays. I'd love to go sometime.

Judi said...

love u sherri.