13 February, 2011

maybe it's more than a cold

because I've not had a cold make me feel this bad and sleep this much before. I woke up at 7 this morning, looked at the clock and laid my head back on my pillow. It was going on 10 before I climbed out of bed. Everything has started making it's way into my chest now. This is NOT what I want or need to happen. A friend called and asked me to join her for a ride. I wanted to say yes, but knew I couldn't. Finally about 1:30 I looked out and it was gorgeous. I put on my kit. By the time I got to my shoes I was worn out. Not a good things, being exhausted from dressing. :)  

I couldn't let this beautiful day go by and stay indoors all day, so I slipped on my comfy knit pants (which probably shouldn't be worn in public) and shirt with jacket and left for a walk. I thought I'd just walk up dog hill backwards and go by golf course and back Willow. The sun felt so good and seeing everyone smiling I kept making it a little longer. Scenic loop was FULL of walkers, runners, dogs on leashes, dogs off leashes in the grassy areas, kids on skate boards, strollers, bicyclists, motorcycles and too many cars going too fast for such a crowd. I saw three tandems and none I'd seen before. Very encouraging. I walked 3.2 miles and it took me 55 minutes. The goal was to walk (not stroll) but enjoy the surroundings while my hips and legs got loosened and warmed up a tad. I actually broke a sweat, but ever so slightly. Now, I'm completely worn out.

I've since gotten home and read of many a bike ride from my friends on the facebook walls. I'm living vicariously through them right now. I learned how to do that some time back. First, when I quit smoking and was lurking on the bike club's listserve. Later when I was recuperating from the broken collar bone. Which leads me to say that I know most of my stuff may seem small, silly, not scholarly or even entertaining. But every once in a while I'll get a note, an email from someone that says I've had an affect on them. So, I continue to not smoke cigarettes (still think about it from time to time), train as much as I can the way coach prescribes, have ups and downs in live like everyone else, ride my bike as much as I can and spend as much time with friends and family as they will allow and write about all of it as it strikes my fancy. 

I hope you got outside and enjoyed some activity in the sun today.



AM said...

Maybe it's time to get thee to the primary care physician. My colds (this one included) ALWAYS end up as sinus infections, and often head south to bronchitis. If you're not fighting it off after this much time, you may need drugs. I hope you're better soon, it's just so tedious being sick, especially when the sun comes out.

Sherri said...

thanks A, I think (hope) I'm slowly on the mend. Just need to be patient. No bronchitis, thank goodness as I've had my share every winter for decades. Just zapped my energy this time around. Feel better today, tomorrow should be even more so.