14 February, 2011

Fast / not fast enough

people comment all the time, a friend did today, that I am "the fastest, most plugged in person, u r on it. It kinda baffles my mind" Maybe it puts people off...

People email, I respond. People text, I respond. People call, I call back. Maybe it started with work. Good customer service. If it was going to take a while to research, let the person know I'm on it. And it has transferred into my personal side. Some of it is just coincidence, not always.  So I have to remind myself I'm different. Stop getting my feelings hurt when people don't respond. 

Rode the rollers tonight after 5 days off the bike. 30 easy minutes and I coughed for 20 after. Time to get back on track I think. I hope. I looked at all of my power numbers since I started recording. They don't look so powerful. Need to talk to coach and make sure it's not a problem for now.

Beautiful weather is forecast for the next couple of days. Man oh man I hope I can be productive at work so I can get outside!!!  Here's to you guys getting out and enjoying the good weather too.


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