27 February, 2011

Reacquainted, reclusive, recharged...

and resolute at this point. These describe my weekend for the most part.

Friday I made good on a bet with a neighbor from my last apartment. His Packers won the SuperBowl, so I bought dinner. His choice and he went easy on me. I was thrilled as I'd never been to PF Changs before. The food was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with this friend that I've known less than two years. He ordered a flight of Saki. I liked the snow maiden the best.

Saturday I was a recluse. Other than a quick trip to the grocery, I stayed in my place. I slept, I took care of me. It was nice. I planned to ride and the weather forecast was for high 40s/low 50s. I waited, the mercury never passed 41 from what I saw. I started to feel guilty about not getting on the trainer, but decided that was silly.

Today I woke up recharged. I felt great and had slept very well since Friday. Checking the weather channel, seeing the chance of rain was mid afternoon and temps would be mid 50s around 11, I planned my ride. It was to be 2+ hours medium endurance. So I rode ~38 miles past Utica to Hwy 62 and back. Goal was to maintain a high cadence and HR below threshhold. I could say it should've been faster and more wattage and higher cadence. But I won't. I felt very good on this ride. I enjoyed it in my solitude. The river is up and I kept thinking Eva Bandman is probably close to being under water. I was scared pretty good at one point. I was approaching Port Rd about 50 yards from the first stop sign and a SUV passed so close I felt the side view mirror. I maintained control but yelled "Hey!" The older fellow driving (I say older, but he might've been my age) flipped me the bird. What's up with that? It's Sunday afternoon. There was little traffic. The speed limit is 40mph through there. Do people really need to get to there destination so badly that it's okay to hurt another human being? I pity these people. They are so full of hate. It's a very sad reality.

I'd hoped I would have another adjective to add to my weekend after tonight. But that's still not to be. Somehow I've managed to be stood up once again. A recurring theme that will end tonight. I'm a nice person. I deserve a phone call or text to say something's come up. This is history. An awakening in my heart and soul. I am happy and have had a wonderful weekend. The week ahead should be good and I've already made some plans with friends to ride after work.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend, too. 


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AM said...

Oh those people and their mirrors. They make me crazy when they brush cyclists. Glad you kept the bike right side up.