07 February, 2011

slowly starting

to feel like I might be getting some fitness back. Man this has been slow going. I have a ways yet. Pressure point on my saddle and in my shoes. Has to be moving to the road bike. Trainer workouts are easier, but I'm trying to get on the rollers as much as I can. Some days it's all I can do to pedal for over 5 minutes before either grabbing a drink, readjusting how I sit or wiping sweat. 

Have a few new exercises/stretches for the shoulder. Hope they work. It feels great and then I ride and it feels like I fell on it a bunch of times. Give it til after deathmarch, then see where it is. I don't want to see a ortho if I can help it! Just suck it up and HTFU and ride. 

Lots of other stuff going on. Letting go of some things. Not wanting to let go of others. Sending warm love to special ones. 

Long week ahead. May everyone get out and ride as much as possible!


1 comment:

Gregg said...

You need to KT-Tape that shoulder of yours. I did it after I dislocated mine and it kept it intact when I crashed again at Harbin Park last year.