03 March, 2010

full day

started with an inbox full of email @ 6 am. They seemed to just keep coming. I've tried to make Wed a 6-noon day so I can ride. Didn't happen today. It was 3 before I left the office. Came home and put 2 hours on the trainer and another hour of work. Took a hot bath, fixed dinner, moved furniture and clutter as new windows are being installed tomorrow. Fun times

The fall on Saturday is haunting me. My left shoulder is not right. I couldn't stay on the handlebars more than 10-15 minutes at a time during my workout. I must get this right or won't be able to race on 13th. I hope C can work it out Friday. But I think it's going to take a while. Have a pinched nerve as my hand is all tingly and gets numb.


but I am a lucky girl, I got to ride my bike today even if it was on a trainer inside.

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Judi said...

how is the shoulder? do you get acupuncture?