16 March, 2010

It's only money, right?

Seems Murphy is always at play, one way or another. Maybe I'm tempting fate. Maybe I procrastinate on important things. It doesn't matter, the transmission has gone out on my car. It's a 2002 and has ~ 130,000 (if memory serves). It's been paid for since 2006 and I swear; has been the best car I've ever owned. The guys says minimum of $1,800. We'll find out tomorrow.

Mr. Taxman will be knocking at my door in 30 days. Seems I didn't do the W4 change correctly while I was convalescing from my broken collar bone. Therefore, taxes continued to be withheld at the married rate instead of the single rate. Yippee!

There goes the new bike I want to buy. There goes the furniture I was checking out. There goes moving, unless I find something MUCH cheaper than what I have now.

I shouldn't complain. I have it so much better than lots of people. I ride my bike most anytime I want. I am able to help out the kiddos when they get in a crunch.

So, I have to get creative with my finances if I want to buy that new bike and furniture and move to a new place. Or I just need to be patient and wait a while. Life is good, it's full of great friends, family and colleagues.

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