22 March, 2010

Rest week #1

I'm looking forward to this, too, which honestly surprises me. I rode and rode and followed the program as best as my work/life schedule would allow. That would be mostly work.

I took Friday off, was supposed to ride 3-4 hours, I rode 2.5. But, in my defense I spent more time than planned getting my fenders put on the cx bike. No complaints as the LBS has great service, I highly recommend these guys. Saturday was to be 3-4 hours and I got in 3. I rode WolfPen to Chamberlain to LaGrange Rd. and back and then throught the parks. By Sunday I was wiped, but was supposed to do another 3 hours. All I could muster was 45 minutes. My legs and arse were aching and screaming. I was cranky and bitchy as hell. The spin helped.

Today was core + recovery. Tomorrow is an hour on the bike + strength

got my car back! I should be in bed, so heading there now...................

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