13 March, 2010

First race of Spring Series

saw many cyclists out racing today. They came from all over the region, Lexington, Bardstown, Cincinatti and Evansville. (Those are the places I know anyway, could be more). The weather was a chilly 48-50F, but I swear it felt like 42. Must've been the wind that blew all day long.

I thought my plan was working well. The week's workout were good, all in all. Friday morning I went and had my shoulder worked out. He massaged and manipulated and gave me acupunture. By the time my hour was over I had about 95% range of motion and most of the pain was gone. Late in the afternoon after I wrapped up work I put in 40 minutes of openers/spin. Just enough to get the heart rate up, a good sweat on, and spin out the legs. Joined a friend for dinner and talked race strategy. Came home and turned in well before 11.

Slept til 7. Ate a good breakfast. Gathered my gear, went through the check list, wrote out my warm-up, packed extra clothes in case it got colder. I had plenty of time. Left the house a little after 11 hoping to have a full hour before I needed to start warming up. Got to the Watterson and realized I did not have my inhaler. Not smart to race without it. Turned around, hit most traffic lights, got the inhaler. Upon leaving I decided Shelbyville Rd was too busy so I took Brownsboro. My transmission began slipping/not engaging more and more. By the time I got back to Shelbyville Rd south of the Watterson it felt like the car was not shifting out of 2nd and the RPM was too high. If I had to touch the brakes the gears would disengage and I would either coast or have to wait for the car to reengage the gears. I couldn't go over 35, when I got to 35. I just turned up the stereo and sang and tried to laugh. I was either going to make it to the venue or I wasn't. I would either race or not. Didn't seem to be up to me.

I made it, pulled in and parked about 12:40. Registered, hit the portalet, setup the trainer, put on my warmup gear and sat on the bike to start warming up @ 1:00. I had a good warmup, too. Was feeling great. Several people stopped to say Hi, but didn't hang too long knowing a cyclist needs a good warmup. I finished, changed the rear wheel out to my racing wheel, changed into dry base and jersey, put on my wind vest with the number and my fleece jacket to stay warm. Rode up to the start/finish, one more potty break and ready to go. One problem, there was 8 minutes before start. Not enough time to ride a lap. I should've kept moving, but didn't and got too cool before the start. Not a great start for me, but stayed with the main group of 4s, got to the backside and started up the hill. About 2/3s up the hill I bogged down a bit and stood up to stay with them. BIG pain shoots out my shoulder down my arm. I sit down, start shifting to find a sweet spot. The more I work the farther away the rest of the packs gets. I stood again and started sprinting hard. It was too late and more pain in my shoulder. pooh - I guess I could've kept riding and finished, but I started asking myself why? It's middle of March. I'm not planning on peaking for months. I need my shoulder to be well. So I rode to the start/finish and left the course. wah wah

I did get to cheer on all the other ladies racing. The winner of the 1/2/3 was uncontested, she's one strong cyclist. The cat 4 race was fun to watch. One of my team mates finished 4th, but was in contention throughout the entire race. It was good to see many people I've not seen since cyclocross or road season. Many Rogue team mates came out and cheered for the Rogue lady racers. There was even some beer flowing!

Back to the program for me now. 3 hour endurance tomorrow. Need to buy a good light for my bike as I will be commuting for a while. Monday will be spent finding a shop to fix my transmission. (the drive home was SKETCHY!) Guess it's a good thing I didn't buy a new bike yet. Put it on hold for a little while. Need to get the engine in better running condition before that investment I reckon.

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Judi said...

oh bummer about the shoulder but smart move to drop out. that takes a lot of courage to be smart and not mess up. good job.