05 March, 2010

Snap, crackle, pop

Today started with a 7:30 call and was non-stop until 11:00. This is when I walked away from the pc, brushed my teeth and drove to see C. It's been almost a week since my nice fall from the mtn bike onto my shoulder. She asks, "did you put hear or ice on it?" I said, "only if hot baths count". I never really took anything either. The one evening it hurt really badly I put my mind to quieting the aches and pains.

C does wonders. She has such a soothing demeanor and voice. But she can get those fingers and elbows right to the point of the problem. It hurts so GOOD! She put time on the shoulder at first, then moved to the other appendages. Then I turn over on my front and she covers my back with heat. Next she works all 4 appendages again, plus toes and feet. Heaven As she takes the heating pad off my back she exclaims how out of alignment I am. She focusses on my left shoulder blade, across the spine, across the top and back to the ball joint. All the while she locates pressure points, there are two that put my elbow and palm either in pain or numbness. We went longer than normal today. She came back in after I dressed and looked at me. Turned me to the mirror and said look. I hadn't separated my shoulder, but definitely knocked it out of whack. It was sticking up where my shoulder have a natural slope just off perpendicular to the floor. She worked on it some more and I felt a little pop, but still had trouble with range of motion.

We went out to the herb room and waited for H. He was prepping to take off, but took a couple of minutes for me. Looked at my tongue and then worked on my shoulder. Pressure points! ah the pain and relief. He tells C, "her shoulder is freezing up". Suddenly there's this nice POP. Tonight I'm feeling much better. Not perfect or 100% but better.

I had more work waiting for me and finally was able to get to my strength exercise routine. I've been putting it off a couple of days now. I can't do everything due to my shoulder, but still a large percentage was checked off the list. Talk about noisy! Snap, Crackle, Pop both my shoulders were sounding off. Well, and other joints were too like hips and knees and my back doing those trunk rotations. Fun times!

No acupunture today. But C&H know their stuff. I will get my pulley out in the morning and start on the same range of motion things I was doing when I broke the other shoulder. Then I hope to get in a nice ride. Weather is fantabulous right now. Sun hasn't quite set, but almost and my living room window is open with the fan running. To quote Murph, "Life Is Good"


Judi said...

fish oil too/ helped dominic so much.

Sherri said...

Thanks for the tip Judi. Fitfull night with it, but right now it feels good. Going out for an 1.5 hour ride, that should tell the tale. :)