25 May, 2008

I am getting stronger

I have a long way to go to be satisfied (that may never happen). But after riding yesterday and today, I feel like I can do so much more given time and focus. I worried being off the bike so long. My legs, quads and hip flexors mostly, want to slow down, but I ask more of them and they come through.

Stayed with the front group until Baxter and Lexington area, missed a light and fell behind. Cathy caught up on Lexington. Told me how strong I am getting and she was having a hard time staying with me. Temps were around 80 and humidity at least 45%, clear blue skies and the sun made the pavement radiate heat. Cathy and I pushed all the way through downtown and out River Road. Got stopped by a train at the tracks where 4 lanes change to 2. Waist wasn't too long. Sure would've been nice if it had been in the shade though. We did fairly well as far as staying closer to the front until Glenview. I said I was stopping for a sec and she said, Thank you! Took my helmet off and poured water on my head. About 12 cyclists passed us during that 3 minutes, bummer! I felt stronger on Glenview today, though still not easy or fast. Finished the 23 miles in an hour and 20 minutes, not bad considering.

I'm amazed that I haven't had a Benedryl all Spring. My lungs are so clear. I still deal with some early morning crud that I assume is some asthma and some pet dander. But I am breathing so well!

Still not sure what I'll do tomorrow as far as the bike goes. But I will ride somehow. Louisville's Mayor has a hike/bike event Monday morning that would be fun, slow and easy.

There's a 5K in July I've asked my BFF about running. I haven't run for ever and a day. Should get up and do that in the morning. Depends on how late we party tonight. :-)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Mother Nature has been very kind to us with the fantastic weather.

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