15 May, 2008

It is Spring so Mother Nature has ordered rain

We've been blessed with many, many sunny warm days since mid March. I've been able to ride my bike outside quite a lot. I know we need rain. We are getting it most weekends. It's rained for 2 days and everything is dreary and soggy. I'm hoping it dries out so I can ride all weekend.

Hubby got his cast off on Tuesday. He now has a removeable splint to keep his finger protected. Much easier on his shoulder and elbow. He was so happy, he dropped me off at my club ride. Thrilled he can drive and not be a prisoner in his own home any longer. Not still out of the woods and needs to stay away from caffeine and nicotine for a couple of months.

Hope I can have something of more interest to post soon. But nothing like a severed finger I hope!

Here's to sunshine where ever you are.

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