24 May, 2008

Good to be back home

All in all it was a good week. Monday saw a decent work day - though I still never seem to get anything marked off the list and it stay off. Went to bike handling class, it was gray and drizzling. We had class but no ride, bummer.

Tuesday was full. Worked from home for a couple of hours. Then took my bike to the LBS for a tune-up before heading to the airport. It was overcast, but the rain had moved east. This caused a nice 1.5 delay for take-off. I was so glad it was a direct flight. No plane changes to miss connections. Approach to Philly saw a 30 holding pattern before landing. Met my boss at the conference. Chatted with several colleagues and a few former colleagues in the exhibit hall. Walked a few blocks and had a nice seafood dinner, complete with oysters on the half shell for appetizers. I worried, for a couple of minutes, that this is a month with no R. Got back to the room about 9, checked email and turned in around 11.

Wednesday was a full day of workshops. Most were very good. One could've been better, but slow presenters and end of day made for a long 1:15. Met one VP with a Fortune 500 company during lunch. He made a couple of suggestions which we've already instituted. Said we should advertise it, I thought we had! My company held an employee reception and I met numerous co-workers from around the country. A colleague from Europe that I've worked with for several years was there. He and I had tickets to another event at Constitution Hall and took one of the buses over. Somehow we lost track of each other, but no harm no foul. Very good day, but another that saw 9 getting to the room.

Thursday started slowly. Had a restless night. My boss took me to lunch at this market place, very cool, very busy! Had a great sandwich of sliced roast pork and provolone on a hoagie. yum! I got to my room at the end of the day around 5-ish. Didn't have plans and needed to get some work done. My legs were screaming at me - hadn't been on the bike since Sunday! Went to the gym at the hotel and rode 55 minutes for 15 miles. Had my HR at 136 for about 15 minutes. All was right with the world.

Friday, had a workshop til 10. Then home. I really wanted to do the weekend tune-up after picking up my bike. But needed to get home to hubby. Went on 35 miler this morning. Stayed in front on the way out and felt great. Another woman cyclist wasn't doing Iroquois hill. After missing so many days, I decided to opt out too, afraid I'd burn up on the way back. I should've done it. It's a fantastic day of sunshine. Great temps. Perfect. Now to mow so I can do the Heine Bros tomorrow.

So good to be home and on my bike. I missed her!

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