28 March, 2011

Love to ride bikes

Started feeling not so great Thursday during the day and went downhill fast. By Friday morning my lungs were full of congestion and I had no energy. I emailed my colleagues and slept almost all day, drinking as much as I could when I was awake taking vitamins and eating blood oranges. I slept in on Saturday too, which is amazing considering my insomnia. The temps cooled and I was happy to curl up on the couch and sleep again. 

But a friend came down from Cincy and convinced me to get out and show her the trails in Chero/Seneca. She was sweet and patient and I took her over trails I felt I could do and still breathe. When I did take her up climbs (even the smallest) I would stop and rest after. I was sucking air like crazy. I dressed so so for them temps, but she only wore shorts, jersey, arm and leg (?) warmers and was peeling the arm warmers down after the first 20 minutes. We had a nice ride, though the temps dropped and the wind picked up and we were both chilled by the end. Unfortunately, she took a spill and landed in the creek which didn't do much for insulation. 

She came by after and took a hot shower and went to meet friends. I walked to dinner and turned in early and slept late. Asthma kicked in walking to dinner and just got worse. Sunday I slept in and decided about 1 to ride the club ride. I walked out on the deck and it felt decent. So I didn't dress properly for the temps and wind. By the time I got to the ride start my feet were numb. That was 6 miles. I bailed and rode home, in misery the whole way. Frozen to the core I ran a hot tub bath and soaked. Of course sleep was elusive, night before a work day.  blah

Today was full of activity and some not so wonderful moments (not horrible but not wonderful). I wrapped up what I needed to do and signed off. Kitted up and hit the trails. Today was supposed to be an easy day, but yesterday was supposed to be an endurance day. I've screwed up my program so badly now. But I rode the trails and life was good. I felt great, my shitty moments melted away. My silly sadness turned into smiles and hard work and sweating. I was so happy at the end of this ride. I saw many many people I know. I didn't fall once. There was one (yes I said ONE) place at wilderness when you exit the trees into the open area and have a very short very steep ascent that I could not make. That was the only time I got off my bike the whole ride.  Y E S

I most sincere wish is that everyone was able to enjoy their day. I also hope you have a special way to make those bad moments melt away.


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AM said...

It's so cool when you make the hill that you couldn't do before. We rode in Phx this weekend, a year ago the washes seemed to stretch on into infinity, now they are much shorter. Hope your lung function improves and stays good.