23 March, 2011


so maybe I'm outta this funk  Have a few things in the works  Had a great workout tonight, even though it wasn't 100% what coach ordered, I was close (well sorta) I had the cadence and wattage for sure.

Temps are gonna cool off, which I think will be good. I can ride some trails in next couple of days, that always heats me up! Another chickadee racer is in town. I hope she and i can join up soon. Should have happened today, but I had to be disciplined. Thing is she will kick my ass, and that is A-OK with me. I need that! 

ok, I went to my holistic guru and said I need more protein. I broke down and had chicken tonight. I also broke down and had a shot of patron. I need to sleep well. too many nights up every hour on the hour. 

Only one item missing and should have a closing date soon. yippee (she says softly)

I hope everyone got out and enjoyed today. The weather zoomed on past us and made for some nice time in the out of doors


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Judi said...

YES!!! muscle milk can be a girl's BFF. cheers to some nyquil and a good nights sleep.