04 March, 2011

March enters as a lamb

February exited with some storms, March entered fairly calmly. Tuesday was cool, but dry and sunny. A friend and I met after work and rode our road bikes. Met at Seneca, went through St. Matthews and over to Rudy and Blankenbaker to River Road. The river was even higher than on Sunday since we'd had all those storms Sunday night into Monday. There was a lot of debris moving with it, tree limbs, garbage, barrels of something. We can be a careless bunch of humans. 

We got back on Spring Street and I asked if she wanted to see the house I'd just made an offer on and she was sweet and said yes. We rode over there, meandering through the neighborhoods while I picked streets I hoped weren't too busy with traffic. When we got there I sent a text to my realtor as I still hadn't heard anything. It was almost 6 and they had til 5 to respond. It wasn't until I arrived home that he sent word that they countered for a little more money but the rest of the terms would remain the same. So I had a decision to make. Didn't take too long. And now for all the fun stuff, paper work and loans applications and decisions on points for interest rates, etc. I took myself out and celebrated. Sent a note that I was taking Wednesday off, at least part of the day.

It's still a bit to get used to, but slowly I'm adapting. Celebrating events on my own. Buying a house is a pretty big deal. The real celebration will happen once I've moved in and can throw a party for my friends.

Mother Nature was very kind the rest of this week. She gave us warmer temps and dry sunny days. The trails drained and dried out nicely so I rode Wed and after work on Thursday. I'm so glad I bought the mtn bike! Wednesday I felt great, fell a couple of times and scraped a knee but no big deal. There's one obstacle behind the golf course that I'm going to go and focus on next time the trails are dry. Thursday I felt great and though still slow much stronger than Wednesday. Funny thing was, when I got to Eastern Parkway I went to lock the suspension and it already was! I had ridden Chero/Seneca with no suspension at all. Ha Ha Ha  what a Dumbo! Oh well. 

Today I still don't have signed paperwork on the house. Can't stress about that.

I think I'm going to drive up and pre-ride some of the Death March on Sunday. That will be interesting to say the least. I've asked a friend for some advice, but not rec'd an answer. Like how many spare tubes, etc. should I take. There are team mates from Louisville that are going and I've emailed to see when they plan to leave. It'd be nice to caravan up there. Silence on that front as well. Oh well

Everyone enjoy your weekend!


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