22 March, 2011

Spring has arrived

the temps have been balmy and today downright warm. It's March, it won't last. I won't complain either. What a wonderful couple of weeks. 

So I've been a slacker most of the year on training. Not on purpose, life has gotten in the way. Well.... maybe on purpose too. I had that stupid flu for almost 3 weeks. And have been focused on house buying. March started off right, but hiccuped a bit   NO EXCUSES! I've been slacking. I'm good with that. 

House:  appraisal came in well above purchase price  YAY  waiting on the underwriters and such to tell me it's a go. Actually think it's just some paper from the sellers and we are good. We walked thru last week and only found one thing. Outside spigot needs fixing because they didn't shut it down over winter and pipe froze and busted behind outside wall. Already have a tiller lined up to borrow. 

Work:  will be traveling to Europe end of May. Mixed feelings, but mainly good stuff. I want to see those guys again!

Riding: I've been training mostly according to coach. Saturday I rode 30 miles solo, endurance and felt great during and after. Then a fairly new acquaintance asked me to ride with her on Sat afternoon. So we did almost 20 miles, recovery pace. Nice to spend time with a new friend.  Sunday had planned to do mtn bikes with friends but saddle issues prevented me from riding. So, I walked 1.5 hours on trails instead. Monday was a nice ride with a friend thru the parks. Tonight I joined up with the LBC ride. A couple of friends said they were going to "take it easy". Yeah Right!  such sandbaggers  Anyways, I got dropped on Blankenbaker, caught up at light at River Road and dropped again before Glenview. I am NOT in shape. I maxed out at 175 HR (which is my max) and spent a lot of time above 160. My powertap numbers came out ok. Just wish I hadn't blown up. Spent the rest of the ride solo. Caught up with another cyclist at the ride start and rode home thru the parks til Big Rock. 

I sat outside on my deck for an hour tonight. Trees and flowers are blooming everywhere. There are fragrances as you walk and ride through the parks and neighborhoods. Ah, I love nature. Of course I had my fair share of bugs, gnats really, in my face and ears and mouth riding home tonight. 

It's Springtime! and today was in low 80s. I'm not complaining, seriously.  Later this week will see 40s and I'm good with that. It's still March for goodness sake.

I hope you are enjoying life as it comes to you, best as you can.


and no matter what I say or do, sometimes I'm just not gonna get a response. that's the hardest part I think. I want and try to be friends, I truly am interested. oh well

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