21 January, 2011


Short week, but lots of work and indoor riding.

Monday was a holiday. Was invited to coffee. First time to meet face to face. Nice guy, interesting conversation, but left knowing that was all, just coffee. Maybe I need to lower expectations. He arrived @ 10 past the hour. We chatted, asked each other about each other. He kept his phone in his hand. 10 minutes in responded to email. 35 minutes in took a phone call. I had turned my volume off. Didn't want any interruptions while meeting someone for the first time. Is this what life has become? Everyone being attached to their phones? Might miss something if you don't look at it every few minutes? I'm pretty much done with all that for now.

Tomorrow a friend and I are driving to Cincy to do a mountain bike Time Trial in the snow and frigid temps. Should be fairly painful and tons of fun. We'll get to see some folks we've not seen since CX season ended!

Local racer and member of Red Zone cycling team, Drew Dillman is in Europe. Germany I believe is the country. He is representing the US on the USA cycling junior team in the Cyclocross World Cup.  Super cool stuff. He will represent well!

Time to ready the gear. Man, it's gonna be cold brrrrrrr



AM said...

Good grief. Riding in the cold is bad enough, but mountain bike time trialing? Hope it's fun for you.

Sherri said...

well, I didn't exactly do much time trailing. More like hike a bike. But yes, it was fun. It was very hard, too

AM said...

Ok then, so it was more like cyclocross with a heavy bike, or jogging with a bike on your shoulder, or a sufferfest. Glad it was fun and it didn't kill you.