09 January, 2011


So I thought I wanted to be a free spirit, not get tied down for a while. Well I've been soul-searching and I'm out of sorts. Haven't felt right since I moved to this apartment. I love the location, but I've never felt like unpacking. It's time to put down some roots. I need to be settled. So, I've begun looking at real-estate and the realtor sent me a huge list of properties available based on my search criteria. Both condos and houses. 

So now the question is which do I want? A condo will give me freedom from mowing grass and exterior maintenance.(I'm shocked at the range of maintenance fees $135 - over $300 a month!) A house will give me privacy and hopefully a space to put in a garden. Guess which way I'm leaning? 

Now to finish the mortgage app process and send the realtor a list of possibilities to schedule viewings.

Any suggestions? advice? I'm open to any and all. Right now is the best time to be looking/buying. It's cold outside and there are plenty of properties that have been on the market awhile so the sellers are motivated.

Back to training stuff next time. 

In the meantime:

peace to all

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AM said...

Buying is pretty exciting, and it is a good time. Motivated sellers, low interest rates and etc. While we like the idea of no maintenance, we hate being held hostage by a condo HOAs and their wretched special assessments. My advice is this: know where your sewer lines run and get them scoped. Never assume you know anything about stuff you can't see. We learned that the hard way. Also don't use the home inspector your real estate agent recommended, get your own. End advice! Have fun with the hunt.