24 January, 2011


I either say something that offends someone or I fail to contact a good friend when I should. I've messed up lots of times and put my foot in my mouth way too often. You'd think I would learn eventually. This is the lesson I'm to learn in this lifetime. I hope I do.

I was talking about the weekend rides and someone said I was brave. Oh please, these things are not brave. Just plain nutz is more like it. Besides I fell lots more than I ever thought I would on Saturday and did a big ole head over the bars flip on Sunday. My left shoulder is a mess again. Though it's not been right in a long time, my holistic shaman had gotten it to where I was riding and doing weights with no pain.

Am I subconsciously creating all this pain? Heartbroken, messed up relationships, messed up friendships, messed up body parts. 

I'll keep following my current theme song for now. I get up again

Time to shut up and pedal, train, and try to fix what I've broken.


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