28 January, 2011


and pains are normal. Especially when you fall down as much as I do. :-)  Not sure what's up lately though. Sleep pattern is all messed up. I sleep well, then I don't. My shoulder stops aching so much then it aches like the dickens. I woke up about 4 this morning and I had this pain in the left side of my heart. Not a heart attach pain. But something that was more like a pointed pinch. I know it was just psychological. Too much time spent wondering about love. 

On another note, ever think about how we use and lose certain words? I was talking with my Mom the other day and repeated it to a friend. I really hadn't thought when Mom said a city she was going to visit is on slow time. That was a normal thing when I was growing up. She meant Central time. My friend giggled when I said it. Funny how some things that seem so normal are very localized in nature


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AM said...

I notice phrases changing. People used to say "bored with", now I'm hearing "bored of". "Excited for" is being replaced with "excited of." To me, the new phrases sound awkward, but I guess English morphs in to new patterns. I like the slow time, that's good.