16 September, 2008


Been tapering. No rides longer than 20 on Sunday, Monday and tonight. Will ride some loops in the part tomorrow, the clean up the bike with Dixie and leave with her. No ride on Thursday, unless it's on the trainer after we check in. It's a 180 mile drive, so not sure about the spin.

There's too much to do at work to be too anxious yet. But I do get butterflies if I think about it too much.

Wind damage is very bad here. Hurricane force winds brought down trees everywhere. Unlike a tornado that has limited area of damage, Ike took a nice big path across Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky and into Ohio. Last I heard on the radio we still had over 200,000 homes without power, south of the Ohio River. Many of the people I ride with don't have power. But they are riding, so they can get out of their house and have something to do instead of clearing debris and sawing trees.

Seems the synthroid is working and I've not been quite so nutty lately. I hope so. fingers crossed.

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