12 September, 2008

Hopeful for a few things

I finally spoke to the internist and started my thyroid hormone, synthroid the first of the week. I've had a couple of those weepy days. They are so tough! No reason, but just ready to cry like a baby at the blink of an eye. I guess the progesterone won't do anygood for that.

When I rode Wednesday, my muscles ached like the flu again before, duiring, after. I took Thursday off and checked on Mom. She had laser on her eyes to stop bleeding of the macula. Tonight we did the tune=up. I feel better than I have in a long time. Legs are great! Hoping it's the synthroid that's helping. Will ride 35 in the monring. See if this holds after.

Hoping I don't get overly anxious this week with the Senior games coming up. Try not to think about it, but then it's all I think about. Go figure!

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maggies mind said...

I'm hoping that the treatment helps and that you are feeling better and like your normal self soon!