18 September, 2008


We left da Ville about 4:30 this afternoon. Took our time, stayed at the speed limit which was 70 most of the way. Ate at Cracker Barrel - I had breakfast for dinner. YUM now to be good tomorrow before the races

While riding here I started to think how odd it is to spend 3 nights in a hotel with someone I just met a few months ago. She's a sweetheart for working with me and giving me guidance.

We'll get up and have breakfast then head to registration. I forgot my letter! so we had the front desk copy D's. OMG I have become such a ditz! We'll then drive the road course and find some lunch. Then we'll ride the road course a couple of times to try and learn as much as we can.

So glad to be away from work. It's been so stressful, especially this week.

Butterflies come and go. So many friends at work have been supportive. hope i can sleep in a strange bed in a hotel!

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Mz Diva said...

I ate a Cracker Barrel the last day of Fitcamp after weigh in! They are advertised at the Grand Old Opery. I am glad they are not in LA! What exactly are you doing? A sporting event?

PS: This fitness thing is kinda cool..I just have to really make sure to SCHEDULE it in my day almost like work!