24 May, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend '15

Been having wanderlust for months but wanted to be close with grandbaby #1 on the way. She came end of March. 

Weather and life has prevented me from seriously gettng any fitness. First foot injury then wet trails and more flare-ups blah blah blah. 

Drove to Pisgah hoping to camp at Davidson River but they were full to the brim Friday evenin. So I found an almost empty parking lot and have stayed there this weekend, when I'm not doing other things. 

Went up Star Gap and half of Heartbreak ridge yesterday. Coming back down was fun but scary in a couple places. 

Today I rode up Thrift Cove to Black Mountain and then up Black Mtn to almost Pressley Gap. 2+ hours to push my bike with some riding. Then ~18 minutes to ride down! 

My bike and I have hiked quite a bit this weekend. I did achieve a couple of PRs which is Alway nice. 

Unsure about tomorrow as another flareup has been looming since Thursday. 

I have missed spending time with nature and this weekend has helped and healed some. Last fall and winter was hard for me in very many ways. I am grateful for all of it and ready for this next period of time. 

I sincerely hope everyone has had good happy times. 

Peace and love 

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