26 May, 2015

May 26, 2015

Today is Violet's two month birthday. Her momma posted photos and video of her smiling and laughing. She doesn't make a laughing sound yet, but her smile moves her entire body like a belly laugh does. Yes, this Gran is very proud and much in love. Truly I wish I could see her each and every day.

Went to Mom's after work to fill her medicine planner and visit a bit. She was at supper when I arrived. The 3 or 4 men that live there all sit together at meals. Seems Georgie wanted to sit with on of these lads, but was shown a different table. One of the staff tells me later that she's had a shine on this one and says he is her husband. This happens with dementia. She never called me by name today. However, when I left the table to get more sweet tea I overheard her tell the ladies at her table that I am her oldest daughter.  She needed her hair washed and I spoke with one of the staff. Seems she isn't very agreeable to having her hair done. Once supper was done I told her she had a hair appointment. It didn't take too much convincing and she was so happy to have her head scrubbed and massaged. Her hair is as long or longer than mine.

My biggest wish is for all of us to all be together and have a photo made; Violet, Heather, Amber, Georgie and me. Mom's not met her yet and she won't remember, but I want her to see her great-granddaughter. 

I miss my Mom. So many times a week I want to call and talk with her, tell her something that's happening. Those days are gone. But I have wonderful memories.

Family and friends are such wonderful treasures. I'm very grateful for mine.

Happy (two month) birthday, Miss Violet!!!


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