05 April, 2015

One way my mind has changed

I used to think hate should be eradicated from all of our lives. But after living and learning and realizing more and more this would never work. There is a balance. Some call it yin/yang. We must have dark to have light, sadness for happiness, hate in order for love to exist. Do I wish there was someway? Of course, but that is my ego. 

I witness hate day in and day out. People making fun of others, calling names and worse. I am not free from this. Even though I do not hate any person or persons I know I get angry and hate situations and even some of my own feelings about things.

Today is a day like any other for many. For some it is a day for love and forgiveness. I wish all days were days for love and forgiveness. 

much love to you and much peace.

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