03 March, 2012

Spain and Strong Like Bull Kicked My Ass

Thought all week about posting a good post about it. But life and sleep got in the way. I typed out a lot on the airplane home, but it just sounded too blase'.

I climbed 20,000 feet on my bike in 7 days of riding. I was the caboose. I did so much stuff I never imagined possible. 

I want to go back and do it all and not cut any days short. To do that will take better preparation. Which might be difficult being so close to the end of CX season. Another obstacle is $, I need to make some if I want to go back.  ;)

The crew were fantastic. Christine, John and Sean rocked it out. 

My fellow campers were great. Room mate Lisa is a 20 year veteran at triathlons. Clare is a TV news producer. Dylan is a pro bike racer (road and CX!). Syngen is an up and coming bike prodigy I think, he's a monster on the climbs. The Hammer and Jen are a great couple. Annie and Jimmy are wild and wonderful and I love those two so much! Anna was studying and taking tests for her doctorate while not riding and is one Strong Cyclista! Serge might be fairly new to racing, but he is strong and will be upgrading by end of this road season I think. Jeff and Ray were under the weather with a stupid cold, but great guys all the same.

The food was outstanding. Kudos to Christine. 

Which is important when you ride as much as we did. The wine flowed freely and though I rarely imbibe, I did this trip (with no headaches!). The roads were great and the auto drivers were friendly and courteous to cyclistas. The views were awe inspiring.

It's been a week since I was in the saddle. I ventured out today and cut the ride short. The trails were primo, but the crotch was not. :(

I'm a very lucky girl. I have made some wonderful new friends. Have come home to some steadfast friends I'm very grateful for. And now have a fun race to do on Saturday with a team mate, finding cemeteries in Hoosier National Forest at the Sub 9 Death March. Always time for another adventure!

I hope your February was as fun as as mine.

peace and much love 


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