18 March, 2012

First road races of season started

this weekend with Long Run Park in Louisville and Deer Creek in OH. I've decided to forego road racing at least this early. Legs have no speed in them, yet.

I road out to Long Run and caught a few races. It was great to see 6 women toe the line for the 1/2/3 race and 17 in the 4s! I saw numerous faces and chatted with lots of people I've not seen in at least 2 months, some much longer. I cheered as the cyclists came 'round each lap. Long Run is a circuit race, so it runs however many laps necessary for a time frame. Easier than a typical road race, less so than a crit (and not nearly as much fun as CX). ;)

I rode my Cervelo to and from the race. It was a nice 43ish miles for the most part. Thunderstorms moved in late evening and stayed most of the night, lots of rain and thunder rumbling. Coco was scared. I'd never seen her like that. She finally snuck under covers, something else I've never seen her do. 

I watched radar for quite sometime and it seemed that most of the rain would stay south of some parks in IN. Finally, HMBA posted up that Brown County was good to ride. I decided to head to Muscatatuck instead. It's a beautiful park and has it's own set of climbs and technical aspects. Thought I might get DB to join me, but that was not to be. I rode what I thought was the race loop, not sure I stayed on all of it. My memory fades over a few months. My right knee has been bothering me when I ride mtb. Not so much with road, except for yesterday. Today I had twinges and after about 75 minutes of pedalling I got this searing burning sensation. Decided it was time to stop and head home. Of course, I had to ride back to the car and that meant one more good climb out of the valley. I had spoken with a good friend and moved my cleat like was told. It didn't really want to move too much. May need to get a professional to look at my shoe/cleat and help me straighten it out. First mtb race is next Sunday. I need to get this knee problem corrected. 

Mother Nature has decided to bring us springtime early. 80s most of the week ahead it seems. Really need to ride trails while they are dry! 

A glimpse of springtime in the woods. There are the smallest delicate flowers, but they are difficult to see mixed in all of the leaves. :(

I think it was best that I rode solo today. Some rides are just like that. I wasn't trying to go fast. I just wanted to take in all of the nature around me. Once my knee started bothering me I struggled to stay in a good humor. Solitude is good at times. Today was one day that I came home to an empty house and was OK with that. (many times not so much)

It's been an absolutely wonderful week for several reasons. I hope you've soaked up some fresh air and sunshine this weekend!


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