16 March, 2012

Recovery week from Death March

OK, so I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree! Sunday I planned to get up and meet a friend that had come into town for the weekend. Could.Not.Get.Out.Of.Bed! So I lazed around and finally ate a big breakfast and decided to get out and ride. Called my friend and suggested the local club ride. Having moved here last summer and being a mtn biker had never joined a club ride. Trails were not in good shape so she joined me. Why tell me did I think I could hang with the front group? I lost my mind some time ago. Got dropped on Lexington, caught up at light at Jefferson, got dropped somewhere on Jefferson and caught up again. This continued until I missed their turn onto River Rd. Quads were screaming and calves were tight. So I backed off and took Mockingbird back to the ride start. Finally met up with DB and rode home. I got in over 30 miles so all in all a good weekend. 

Monday, I couldn't move so I didn't. ;) and I didn't ride either. Tuesday I rode to the LBS and back. Needed to have my Cervelo checked out and found the rear derailleur hanger was bent. Most likely from shipping. He got that fixed, toute suite and I was on my way. That 14 miles wasn't enough so I joined DB and hit the trails. We went out easy but needed a tuneup for Wednesday. Wednesday was another 20 miles of Brown County trails. We changed it up a bit from last week but still had a blast. Lots of climbing and shorter amount of time out there, both total time and ride time. The temps were pushing 80F and we didn't get started until almost noon. I think we hydrated much better than last week. One gets smarter as time goes on (usually).

I was a slacker on Thursday and only got in an almost ride. Finally put a saddle and pedals on the Van Dessel and rode it around the block to check out saddle position, etc. I had this converted to single speed before Spain, but never got it road ready til now. It's been raining and raining so trails are soggy. I took the SS out today for a real ride. Got about 14 miles in just over and hour. I need lots and lots of practice with spinning at a high cadence. I was bouncing out of the saddle something crazy. But I need work with that and learning to climb hills faster too, so I hope the SS does just that.

Tomorrow is the first road race of the season. I plan to ride to the venue and cheer for fellow cyclists and ride home. It's about 20 miles each way, so I haven't decided which bike I'll ride. I'm thinking the SS. Opened a bottle of Shiraz earlier. I'm not a big wine drinker, but was thinking about #SLB2012 and Spainuary so I have imbibed.

Still haven't found anything job-wise that I've applied for yet. Think I'm going to have to lower my bar and just get back out there. Surely something will open up soon. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone! I hope to ride and ride and laugh and play.


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