10 June, 2011

time is flying and so will I soon

Brown County State Park DINO was the best! It was very difficult. At least that uphill start was a bear for me. I rode it once for a good warmup. I was relieved to get onto the single track and ride. I got stuck behind a slower rider for a bit. I need to learn to pass. She finally got over and I got into a decent rhythm. My HR was maxed, wish I'd remember to start the monitor. I keep wearing the dang thing. Am a goof. Anway, the last half to 3/4 mile of the race the Cat 3 men started passing. This was just agony as I was stopping and startin with no good flow whatsoever. No complaints, I'm happy with my first XC mountain bike race. I wasn't DFL, but wish I'd had a faster time. Will definitely be working on it.

I planned on racing the $5 spot criterium on Tuesday. The ride over in poor air quality had me coughing and wheezing when I arrived. I watched and took pics then rode home. Flatted on 2nd Street Bridge and changed my tire and went home.

Wednesday was Short Track Racing. I loved this course so much better than last weeks. We got to climb up the single track in Wilderness before dive bombing downhill in the grass. Problem was the juniors started in front of us and we got all bunched up on the trail. I MUST learn TO PASS!  There are some new women out there as well. I just kept saying, if you are pushing your bike move off of the trail so we can pass. I've not seen the final results, but I was back in the field. Most everyone did 3 laps. A couple of us did 4. That was one heckuva workout. 2 warmup laps and 4 all out.

Tonight I went to Waverly to get one last ride in. I thought I was lost and circling the same trail at one point. But it was fun. It is flowy and about the time you think the climb will never end you get the reward with some nice downhill and good flow and movement. I want to get back out there SOON.

Leave for Poland tomorrow. Waiting for laundry. Still need to pack. Volunteering at Make a Wish walk tomorrow morning. I get back next weekend just in time for celebrating.

You guys have a great week ahead!


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AM said...

Poland? Oh do please take your camera and post some pictures. Have a great trip.