23 June, 2011

Take it and go with it

Life doesn't always show up the way we want or expect. I had certain goals and expectations this year, but they aren't quite there yet.

I went to Warsaw for work. Wasn't terribly excited since I was going to be off the bike for 9 days. Wasn't sure what the meetings would be, but happy I had at least one full day with the team I work closely with. Meetings were good, full of information. Lots of interaction between all of us and plenty of dialogue. We have action items and another meeting tentative in Oct. 

I leave for home, get to the airport and my fight is delayed by 3 hours. Call the travel agency and find out first flight from ORD to SDF is Sunday. I rebook through Cincy and reserve a rental. A new friend comes to my rescue though and whisks me from CVG and I don't have to drive with  tired eyes and brains.

I had certain ideas for this week, but didn't quite work out. I rode on Monday and my legs were finally happy again. Tuesday saw many popup storms and rain so I went to a get-together at another new friend's house. Many women were there, some are cyclists and some are not. Was a very nice evening. Wednesday I rode to the local MTB short track race with the intention of racing. Upon arrival on of the worst asthma attacks hits me out of the blue. I'm in line to register for the race, my bronchi start to swell and my lungs begin to fill with liquid. The next 45 minutes is damage control. I didn't race. But I got to cheer on the other ladies and that was fun!

I'm starting a long weekend. Took Friday and Monday off. Signed up to race tomorrow and Saturday in Cincy. I must be nutz! hardly any time on the bike, training plan has gone out the window and I am going to have my butt handed to me. No matter, it will be fun and I'll see lots of ladies I've not seen in months. 

If Mother Nature cooperates I'll be mtn biking on Sunday and Monday after a slight detour to do a hilly TT first on Sunday. 

Trying not to get to invested in tomorrow. Life happens and things change. 

Also, trying to throw caution to the wind. Live now, soak it in. Roll with it  (sounds easy) Still absolutely nothing happening on the romantic front. Makes me wonder. eh, is what it is.



Mary Sunshine said...

The weekend will be fun! Yup, let's carpe diem!

AM said...

Jeez asthma sounds like it sucks. Do you not just hate flying? Our return trip from Germany took 26 hours total, thought I was going to die I was so tired and jet lagged. And yes, do carpe diem, you just never know.