13 June, 2011

I volunteered for the Inaugural Make a Wish foundation walk in Louisville on Saturday morning. One of my best friends was instrumental in getting this organized and it was a great success!

I got home, put laundry in the dryer and took my mtn bike to the LBS to have my handlebars cut down while I'm traveling. I get home and order a cab for 1:30 pm with 2 hours to spare I finish laundry, pack my bags, water plants, mow back yard, clean out fridge, carry out garbage, and pick up the house just a little.

Flight was good, both legs until my luggage didn't make the trip. I thought, no big deal I can go shopping. NO! Sunday was a national holiday and no retail was open anywhere, only restaurants. I join a few of my colleagues at the lobby bar for drinks around 6, grab dinner and head to bed. I could not stay asleep. Kept waking every hour or so. Finally, I fall asleep and overslept! I woke up at 8:45, supposed to be in the office by 9. It was 9:07 when I walked onto the floor. But all was fine as the team was just getting setup. 

After lunch the hotel emails and says my luggage had arrived and it was being delivered to my room.  So  relieved since I had bought presents for a team member's new baby. It was a full day of meetings. I had calls scheduled for 7 and  7:30 which I took from a restaurant close by while I ate. Got back to the hotel and took 20 minutes for a jecuzzi break. 

Now I hope I can sleep so I can get out and run first thing, clean up, eat breakfast and be in office by 8 so I can catch up on email and some work before all day meetings start again at 9.

The weather is beautiful this week. Wish I had a bike to ride...


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