15 June, 2009

Weekend of learning

mostly about me, but also about others. I got lost somewhere in my head on Friday. Completely and totally warped. I was still there on Saturday.

We went to watch our team mates compete in the Shelbyville Triathlon. Fun times, they did so well! Oli and I then packed it up and headed to Iroquois for Tour de Olmsted. What a great event! We warmed up a bit, riding the trail and uphill sprints. Then several of us took a warmup lap. Not good. I wasn't feeling it. I told Oli I didn't want to do it, that I was on the verge of tears. She did her drill sergeant impression, which I thoroughly appreciate. It didn't work. We started, pushed up the hill, they dropped me and I had nothing in my legs. No desire. I got back to the start/finish and cheered my team mates. Then it was fun again. They did very well! Later was a celebration for Oli getting her MBA and job offers. I had several beers, ate a lot of good food and enjoyed the company of many. So many fun people that like to run, cycle, and drink beer!

Yesterday saw the Ky State Time Trial Championship. It was a 40K (25 mile) distance. I'd never done that distance, only half. This was 2 laps. I went out with the thought that if I could maintain 18.5 - 19 mph average on the flats the first lap, I'd have plenty of energy for the second. Probably could've set the bar higher, hindsight being what it is. My goal was a PR and hoping I could do it in only twice the time it took me to do the 20K last month. That was 0:40:23 so I was thinking 1:20:00 would be nice. Wound up with 1:19:52 and a bronze medal too. :-D While we were waiting for the medals and putting our bikes back on cars I suggested going out to the Master's Natz TT course and check it out. Dave and Joan joined me for that. This is a 25K course (15 miles) and the first of it is a long low grade hill. It's on a 4-lane highway which will be interesting to see how traffic is controlled. As we rode the course I started realising how good and strong I felt, this a couple hours after the TT. We stopped for a quick drink break at the turn-around and headed back. With 2 miles to go it starts raining and then pouring buckets. We got soaked! But that downhill to the finish was exhilirating, no matter how stinging the rain.

Lots of other learnings too. Maybe I'll post about those at some point. Probably not


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