09 June, 2009

disjointed thoughts

so I've not raced for a while, not a road race. Saturday sees a circuit race at Iroquois park. I've pushed myself over the last 4 days, but not sure it's enough. What's the saying? too little, too late? But this is where I must focus. 6 weeks and I'll be in Cali.

I haven't run enough and a week from Sat is the duathlon.

goals, milestones, markers we humans like to have these. it doesn't matter if it's work or play or domestic life

My firstborn called and talked to me today. It'd been a while since we had contact. She put a smile on my face!

I've stayed up too late again. I need to ride intervals tomorrow morning. and then run tomorrow night and then easy rides Thursday and Friday.

Sunday brings the Kentucky State Time Trial Championship. 40K it's not an easy course. I've ridden 20K twice the 40k is the 20 twice. oooohhhhh

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